World Of Zombies APK + OBB

Enjoy the fun of Days Gone and World War Z on your mobile! World of Zombies !!

Version1.3 (100)
UpdatedAug 05, 2019 (1 year ago)
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Days Gone, World War Z, Walking Dead zombie herd appeared on the mobile !!!!

Zombie viruses destroyed the world and a handful of survivors held guns to survive.
Join the survivors, stopping the zombies who are constantly running.

E2Games' third work, World of Zombie, was released.

World of Zombies to mark the beginning of the zombie series of E2Games!
Please look forward to the zombie series that E2Games presents.

# Game Features

No more forced advertising.
- If it's a free game, do I have to watch a video ad at the beginning and end of the play?!
- AD ads that don't interfere with the play.
The video ads are rewarded with a good feeling.

ten distinct survivors
- No more games where you have to pay for a character or pick a character.
- Survivors who will automatically join you if you constantly clear the stage.

six kinds of weapons
- Let's wipe out the zombies with weapons featuring pistols, SMGs, shotguns, snipers and rocket launchers each.

an endless swarm of zombies
- Eliminate zombies that are just too much to watch.

a touch of dynamite
- The thrill of sweeping zombies with dynamite on the road.

character growth
- Let's upgrade the survivors and increase their viability, so we can survive

No ending? There it is! (O)
- What do you do if you leave it on? Clearing the game reveals something new that you didn't know.

[Event] Clear Special (~until the event is closed)
- If the game is cleared by the last stage, the probability is that a special code will be opened.

World of Zombies to mark the beginning of the series. Try playing now.

#Guiding on Required Privileges

Storage space rights : Used to store data for game execution.

Access consent is required to store the required files for the game to run !!!
Once you have agreed to the access authority, you can revoke the approved access authority in the following ways:
- Android v6.0 or later: Device Settings > Application > App Selection > Permission > App Selection > Permission Selection and Retraction
- Android v6.0 and earlier: Delete apps or update Android

# If you delete a game, all data will be deleted, so be careful!!

What's New

Edit balance.

Email: e2gameshelp@gmail.com

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