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World War Ants it's a strategy war game with huge numbers of warrior ants.

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UpdatedNov 19, 2018 (2 years ago)
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World War Ants it's a strategy micro simulation game where you control an ant colony from one of six races.In order to win you have to either kill all the enemy warrior companies, collect more food than the enemy, complete the goals or accomplish a special task all depend on the mission.

In World War Ants there is six races the Red Ants, the Termites, the Dwarf Ants, the Bull Ants, the Leaf Cutters and the Fire Ants. Every race have different strengths and weaknesses and they collect different kinds of food and thats changes the gameplay and the simulation. For example in World War Ants gatherers are more defensive and hunters are more aggressive.

You can collect food by gathering and by hunting. You can gather seeds, leafs and aphids. Seeds and leafs gives you direct food points and aphids gives you food points over time. Hunting gives you more food but its more time consuming.

The Red Ants can gather seeds, aphids and they can hunt.
The Termites can gather seeds and leafs.
The Dwarf Ants can gather seed, aphids and they can hunt.
The Bull ands can only hunt.
The Leaf cutters collect only leafs but they get extra food points.
The Fire Ants can only hunt.

The combat mechanics are simple. If a warrior company is near a enemy they will automatically attack. You cant stop the battle process as your warriors are in a battle frenzy in order to protect your colony. You have to be careful and not throw all your warriors in combat. Pheromones as markers with different colors will help you track enemies or preys.

In ant march mode we can play in a vast procedurally generated world that changes every month.

There is no underground management at this time. I may implement it in a later version.

This game was made with Libgdx framework.

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