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Version1.0 (1)
UpdatedApr 18, 2021
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Wowser game

Multi-functional Video Player with minimally intrusive browser

Going with our organization's motto to build a self-reliant ecosystem of products with the mission to generate a "Theory and Practice of Everything", we have built or in-the-process building our own ecosystem of browsers across platforms. Even within this platform, we have different variants of browsers capturing various elements of this planet. This is the third one in that list of browsers, which includes multi-functional video player.

What this browser can do?
This browsers offers the following:

1. Ability to perform all basic functionalities seen in more established browsers such as, accessing websites, going back and forth sites, ability to zoom in and out and more.

2. Our app does not store any data on our cloud or other servers and neither utilizing an explicit tracking system to track the users.

3. Our goal for creating this application is to keep the browser S.M.A.R.T without hindering into privacy of our users.

4. Please note that this application relies on the Android platform, and hence, we can't control the intrinsic tracking capabilities built into the system side of things, both on the hardware and software frameworks.

5. As mentioned above, this browser does not include all bells and whistles such as, multi-tab system, and other more intricate features, which we plan to expand in our future versions.

What can video player do?

1. Ability to select any video from your device and play it with a click of a button

2. Toggle between third-party video platform and the video player

3. List and select videos from the folder, Wowser, which gets created automatically upon opening this section of the application; In order to see videos from this directory, the user can save and move existing videos to this folder. In this way, the user would have more control over your videos.

Required Permissions:

android.permission.COARSE_FINE_LOCATION (Location related permissions)

Motto of our Mission (MooM)™:
Building an ecosystem of,
"Theory & Practice of Everything"

VAL-U-PRO Consulting Group, LLC and Amazebaba and its affiliates, the creators of this app specifically disclaim any representations, warranties, and conditions, whether expressed or implied, including, without limitation, any representations, warranties, or conditions (a) of accuracy, completeness, timeliness, title, non-infringement, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, or (b) arising from usage in any trade or from any course of dealing.

It is also up to our organization's discretion to continue or discontinue this product based on our development plans, though we intend to offer a reliable stream of products.

We don't take any liability for misuse of this app by our users. It is the ethical and social responsibility of the users/subscribers of this app to utilize this app for the primary reason, which is primarily developed to easily make calls to loved ones, while giving easy access to your contacts list.


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