<b>Get ready to play this futuristic flying sci-fi x-ray robot escape and Altas lab survival adventure game

Get ready to play this futuristic flying sci-fi x-ray robot escape and Altas lab survival adventure game. Fightback hard & timely sneak to escape from lab lockups with your inmates where otherrobots are waiting for your help. Make a safe escape plan to rescue your lockup inmate robots from these Altas workshop cells. It’s not an easy task to make a safe escape from the lab as the securityis high alert & robot security wardens are patrolling. You can get baton, wrench, axe, baseball bat & knife from US security wardens and jump into robots war to escape from workshop walls.X-ray robo super hero escape survival game is all about making a safe escape & survival from the robotics factory custody while rescuing the locked up inmates. Get ready to dodge lab security& face robotic war in X-ray robot super hero escape survival game. Show extreme stealth skills to transform inside lab to help your locked team fellows in this futuristic flying robo prisonbreakout game.

You have been sent to robot factory lab for the illegal actions you have not done but during investigation all evidence went against you. Sneaking in the robot factory for escaping is very tough asthe RC x-ray robotic security cameras, lab guards and warden police is continuously patrolling in and outside factory. Now it’s time to help your lockdown Russian criminals and gangster to get out ofthis prison. Make a tricky lab break plan and rescue your fellow inmates. You have to find out some tools hidden in the lab that might help you in fighting with lab x-ray robot cop security. Use themto destroy the transformed flying robot cop security guards by hitting hard on their head and body with these simple attacking weapons like baton, wrench, axe, baseball bat knife & superpower.

Now your final mission is to release your lockup mortal robot mates and make them safe escape from lab. Some virus effected and memory damaged flying robots are locked in special security so you canalso help escaping them all. Do whatever it takes to set lockup x-ray robots free and complete breakout mission. Your chance of survival depends upon your intelligent super hero software and carefulplanning of a prison breakout. Put on your extreme stealth mode to sneak out of the workshop with the help of your robots squad and team members in this transform x-ray robots prison break-out game.Special flying robots security squad will come to backing lab warden. Survival escape and eliminate flying x-ray robot police officer escaping their attacks in this impossible mission. Operate likeUS army flying superhero and injure robot police officers to break the lab security during complete US robot cop security lab lockdown.

X-Ray Robot Survival Escape Game Features:

A Complete x-ray robots Escape & War Story to Accomplish
Use Combat & Fighting Tools like robot cop baton, wrench, axe and knife, baseball bat.
Challenging robots escape and cops chase missions
Thrilling and challenging robot prison break & Survival mode missions
Smooth and intuitive controls
Stunning & High Quality 3D Graphics
Amazing 3D robot factory Environment
Interesting & Hardcore addictive gameplay

So what are you waiting for? Download the “X-Ray Robot Survival Escape” Game and enjoy the experience of thrilling lab breakout escape & survival adventures.
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