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X-Ray Scanner Prank

Version1.0.1 (2)
UpdatedSep 24, 2018 (2 years ago)
DeveloperNew Release App Studio
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This is a prank app to get fun and trick your friends.

X-ray Pregnancy Prank - this application simulator joke, where you will be able to make ultrasound pregnancy as a joke! The game uses a camera for a more realistic effect!

This is a Fun App make Prank your Friend to show that its going to scan their bodies. let other think you get a tool which can actually see beneath the clothes…

Turn on the game and choose which part of the body will be scanned, no matter the head or hand! Aim the camera and press the scan!

XRay Body Scanner Prank will only show simulated version of X-Ray of a body but not real one.

Actually, Body Scanner Camera prank App works very trickily. After it, real xray scanner camera full body and will do some process. Then original body scanner camera will show you a random picture. Which you can show to your friend.

Remember that this app is not a real x-ray machine, but only a simulator, which some of your friends may take as a real roentgen scanner.

You can also change the color, size and speed in the setting screen. XRay Scanner Funny is a fun app for those who love practical jokes! These xrays are not real, so they are harmless and fun to play with! Try out the camera feature of Xray Scanner Funny to click fun spooky images! Try baring your teeth and making your eyes big…looks scary!

Want to trick your friends with this free "fake" X-ray scanner? It scans your hand with simulated xray using ur phone.

Find out if they would like to be a cool red head or a nifty dancer or a footballer or even a singer! It is the perfect Xray Scanner prank to play on friends and family!

Surprise your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend or even your husband take X-rays ultrasound friends and you see a child or something else as a joke!

The use of body scanner real is very easy. The aim of this body scanner xray camera just makes some fun among friends. Because Body scanner free X ray real camera prank app gives you the way either you use it as boy body scanner or girl body scanner.

Place your camera on his leg, and then click Start Scan button and you will see the result of X-ray!


-> Put your hand or body part behind your phone.
-> Start X-Ray Scanner app.
-> Click the photo of your friend by adjust your friend's body with the blue print of body shown in the camera.
-> A laser beam will go over your hand.
-> Tilt your phone up or down to scroll up or down the x-ray image.
-> Get fun with X-Ray Prank!!!!!

What's New

Change graphics
Improve performance.
Fix some bug.

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