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The doodle works depict every creator's feelings

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Doodle Art is one style, technique, how to create drawings by way of crossing out, and looks abstract, where the doodle image itself is meaningful there is also not meaningful. This work usually has no clear and true shape but looks unique and interesting.

The doodle works depict every creator's feelings, that we can see from every resulting stroke that goes unnoticed by our mind. By making doodle art also able to make our heart quiet. By making it whole soul and feeling will produce more interesting work. Unique, and meaningful and it makes doodle work not just for style alone.

History of Doodle Art
Doodle Art has been around for a long time. But it started sticking again to the surface after many starts making it with ideas and works that are nice and beautiful to look at. That is in ancient times, where the ancient cave people made it on the walls of the cave. Where doodling is used them to tell the story that happened from generation to generation.

And in the present, Doodle Art is becoming more developed with an abstract and unique shape but has its own meaning and message born from its maker. And even unwittingly we've produced the work of doodle loh. For example, when bored and alone in class, we suddenly mencorat scrawled book or paper. That's what doodle art is.
Tools for Drawing Doodle Art

Before you start create Doodle Art. It would be nice to also prepare some of the tools needed to create a beautiful, meaningful piece of Doodle Art, and according to your imagination. Actually, to learn to create or draw a Doodle Art is not necessary special equipment, just pencil, paper, and eraser is enough to fulfill it so that freely and easily you will make Doodle Art.

Doodle art drawing equipment
However, if you want to become a Professional in the field of Doodle Art graphic art. You also need to prepare special equipment for Doodle Art for example like:
Pencils, Erasers, Sketchpapers, Pen Ink, Marker Markers, Stabilos, Pens, And some supporting tools such as charcoal and lime. Colored pencils, and also paint

That's some of the special equipment you should provide to learn to be a professional in the field of graphic design "Doodle Art" is. After you have prepared all that, now we will start to learn to make Doodle Art.

How To Make / Draw Doodle Art Simple, Simple, But Cool
In its development, Doodle Art became one of the elements of graphic design. We can see already rampant billboards, advertisements, posters, be it on tv or mass media that use doodle art. Because the message conveyed through this image will look more friendly, relaxed, also humane.

Then how to create or draw Doodle Art?
Well here I include a simple way to create a work of Doodle Art that will be born from your own hands. There are several techniques, ideas and tips on creating and creating Doodle Art drawings. And before that it's good you also look at the video below about the picture how to draw doodle art. So that you can more easily start it.

How to Make a Doodle Art Born from Imagination
Everyone must have an imagination born of his mind. And that includes you who are studying this. So why do not we try to expel the imagination into the form of a work of Doodle Art? Search and Create Inspiration. Inspiration is one of the keys to making Doodle Art work for beginners or a professional. So start creating inspiration from your soul and mind.

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