Description: Xvault-Calculator Photo & Video Vault hide photos APK
Version1.0.1 (7)
UpdatedMay 07, 2019 (11 months ago)
Release dateApr 17, 2019 (11 months ago)
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The fake calculator hide photos, private photo vault

Do you feel worried about some private photos or videos will be exposed when your lover wants to look your photos?
Do you want to take some special photos but have nowhere to save?
Do you worry that your children will see some adults’ photos or videos when they browse your phone?
Do you feel fear of important files can be deleted carelessly?
Do you feel afraid of privacy will be public when other people repair your phone?

Xvault can help you solve all the worries!

Xvault looked like a normal calculator, but if you enter specific password, you can protect all things that you want to hide, such as videos, photos, files, chat history and so on.
Remember only the specific password can unlock Xvault to see the hidden things! Other people cannot open it forever!

Our advantages:
Privacy: Seems like a calculator, when enter specific PIN password you can find the real interface.
Easy to use: Select photos, videos or files which need to be protected to add.
Security: Use the best encryption technology.
Flexibility: Be found suddenly? Don’t worry! Flip over your phone and the Xvault will be exited immediately.
Alert: If the password be entered incorrectly many times, Xvault will snapshot the intruder automatically.
Recovery: Can recovery the files which be deleted accidentally.
Set password: You can set you own password.
Save data: Your private data will never lose even though Xvault be deleted by you or others.

1. Upload photos or videos in batches.
2. Cloud backup: Unlimited storage space to hold your information.
3. You can customize the name of vault and video.
4. You can open private photos quietly with DARK MODE.
5. Can upload photos and videos by WI-FI or Bluetooth.
6. Photos can be glorified, cropped or rotated.
7. Share with your friends in Instagram,facebook,Twitter,message,WhatsApp by one click.