Xyzzy APK

A Z-Code interpreter for text adventures and interactive fiction

Version17th February 2016 (6)
UpdatedFeb 17, 2016 (5 years ago)
DeveloperAddie MacGruer
CategoryGames, Adventure

Xyzzy is a ZCode interpreter for Android, able to play both classic Infocom text adventures and modern, Inform-compiled interactive fiction. In comparison to other zcode interpreters on the android market, it has the following advantages:

* Android native: the default keyboard is used for input, and predictive text can be used for command entry.

* Stable: it passes the standard CZECH test suite for emulation, and a number of both classic and modern games have been played to completion on it.

* Accessible: text-size and colour can be enabled and disabled during play.

* Fast: a number of caches are implemented and optimisations have been performed so that story files are responsive, and the story history can be reviewed quickly.

* Comprehensive: Xyzzy works with z3, z4, z5, z8 and zblorb story files

* Open-source: Xyzzy is distributed under the GPL V3 license, and the source is freely available on Google code.

Xyzzy includes Graham Nelson's "Curses", and many hundreds of other games can be downloaded from the IF archive at http://www.ifarchive.org/indexes/if-archiveXgamesXzcode.html

Xyzzy requires the Android permission "Read external storage" in order to load games. No other permissions are required, and no personal information is requested, stored or transmitted by the app.

What's New

Adds additional debug settings. Corrects some issues when stories try to match uppercase player input in ZMachine versions 5 and greater.

Email: addiemacgruer@googlemail.com

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