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Oct 12, 2022
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Yakuza Endeavor GAME

The Soaring Dragon of the East casts a dark shadow. While the tailwinds ushered in a great boom of economic progress, the ruthless Yakuza families have emerged from the dark underbelly of opportunity. In the game , embark on your vendetta to avenge your father, use your wits to survive, and create your Yakuza legacy!

Manage Your Gang and Expand Your Power
Take reins of a Japanese yakuza gang and grow in influence by managing various gang affairs, determining the gang’s mode of operations, and consolidating your dominion over the underworld. Discover talented misfits and witness their bravery, violence and chivalry. Obtain wealth, power and women as you grow into the godfather.

People from All Walks Band Together as Brothers
While managing your yakuza gang, you will meet people of all talents. Grow your followers according to their unique aptitudes, making them into fierce leaders that will each oversee their respective domains and help you seize the resources of the underworld.

Nurture Children and Create Marriage Alliances
Wander through the glamorous and swanky world of neon and encounter beauties of all types. Whether it's lolitas, princesses, cuties, or divas, the boss chooses what he wants. Go on dates and wondrous honeymoons with your lovers, occasionally producing new offspring of love together. Nurture your children into future torchbearers or enter them into marriages with other families to increase influence.

Arena Challenges and Apex Showdowns
Build alliances and fight shoulder to shoulder with friends, enter kendojo matches, participate in territory wars and take on many other challenges on your ascent to the top.

Exciting Limited Time Rank Races
Various ranking contest events will be released from time to time, letting you experience the over-the-edge, stimulating, and tense pace of the yakuza world. Tons of trendy limited-time mini games for you to enjoy, with simple play modes that let you de-stress and delight in your leisure. Swipe for Tons of Rewards Until Your Hand Goes Numb.

More ways to play and rich events await! Get in on the Japanese styled RPG now, wielding the power of the underworld and building your yakuza legacy.

★☆Download the game now, and dominate the Yakuza Empire!☆★
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