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Yatra is a Smart GPS Tools Bundle for travelling, hiking and just for fun!

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Yatra is a Smart GPS Tools Bundle for travelling, hiking and just for fun! All GPS Tools you need for navigation, travelling, hiking and trips gathered in one application. We have combined complex technologies and beautiful design in this application so you can enjoy the process of using each of the tools that every traveler needs! The GPS Bundle includes: GPS Location Info and Coordinates, Compass GPS Pro, Speedometer GPS Tracker, Altimeter Pro, GPS Weather, Pro Binoculars with 45x Zoom and Night Mode, Compass GPS Camera and Airplane Kit with Turbulance Detector! Each of the tools is described below:

1. GPS Location Info and Coordinates

GPS Location Info and Coordinates tool is an excellent tool which will let your friends see exactly where you are, in real-time. Highly accurate phone Locator will help you to use Google Maps in your phone and see a flag indicating your friend’s location in the map too just selecting the binary file for
Google Maps.

2. Speedometer GPS Tracker

This tool is useful for drivers and bikers. Features include: Switch between car speedometer and bike cyclometer, High low speed limit alert system, HUD Mode, Switch between mph or km/h mode, Imperial and Metric unit settings, Speed calibrate refresh button, GPS accuracy indicator, GPS distance accuracy indicator. It also includes Track information and Map Integration, including: Start time, Time elapsed, Distance, Average speed, Max speed, Altitude, Speed tracking in mph or km/h based on MPH or KM/H mode, Distance tracking in miles or kilometers based on MPH or KM/H mode, Time tracking, Tracking location on map, Ability to turn tracking off/on, Longitude, latitude coordinates, Satellite maps mode, Hybrid maps mode, Standard maps mode, Tracking location changes trajectory.

3. Altimeter Pro

Modern Altimeter Pro is for those who care for driving, hiking and biking in mountainous terrain. It has a creative and user-friendly style design, simple and comprehensive functionalities.
Features include: Imperial and Metric unit settings, Altitude calibrate refresh button, GPS accuracy indicator, GPS distance accuracy indicator.

4. Compass Pro

This is Compass is a tool for professionals as well as amateurs that shows device real-time orientation to magnetic fields. It displays lot of useful information like location, altitude, speed, magnetic field, barometric pressure and more.

5. Compass GPS Camera

Compass with a photo camera is an interesting tool that determines your geographic direction and takes a photo in a way that never has been done before. With its light and easy set up you can choose a direction, direct to needed position save, share them and keep in built in library.

6. Airplane Kit

This tool helps you detect any turbulence and incline of airplane relatively to the horizontal position. Also, it lets you know your altitude, ground speed. It's including a Compass GPS that shows direction relative to the geographic cardinal directions, with true and magnetic North. Also,

7. Profesional Camera App

This tool will turn your smartphone into the real cool device with very stable camera zoom in high-quality pictures and video frames. Features include: Photo Camera, Video recording, High-quality images, High-quality video frames, Binoculars telescope zoom simulation, Magnifying glass with light, Macro zoom camera simulation, Professional zoom, Digital zoom camera, Support Flashlight, Virtual microscope, Four color projection, Front and rear camera, Zoom Scroller, Photo editor, Photo cropper, Built-In library, Brightness Control, Manual and automatic focus mode, Sun and Moon locator, Sunrise, transit and sunset times for the Sun and Moon

8. Weather GPS

Shows accurate Temperature information, Wind, Humidity, Visibility, Sunrise and Sunset, High/Low Temperature and and ability to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

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