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Hello and Welcome to YogaBomb, a platform that guides you through developing your own personal Yoga practice.

YogaBomb knows that taking the first step is often the hardest part so we’ve made starting out easy… very easy.

Now you might think that to begin, you’d need to consult your doctor or buy a mat or maybe get into some comfortable clothing that you can move around in? Nope. All YogaBomb asks you to do is to watch some videos… that’s it!

You’ll find 2 sets of videos; ‘Learn’ and ‘Practice’. The ‘Learn’ videos are designed to be watched… that’s it!

By watching these ‘Learn’ videos, you are seeing what Yoga looks like and how it sounds, you are learning the sequence and you are improving your proprioceptive skills.

The ‘Practice’ videos assume you have familiarised yourself with the ‘Learn’ videos and are designed for you to practice along with. When practicing, begin by doing 5 x Sun Sals (or at least 3) then move onto the Modified Sequence or The Sequence (both sequences are essentially the same - the Modified Sequence is just a slightly easier version).

By watching either set of videos you are immersing yourself in the World of Yoga and just by watching them… you are actually getting better!

The ‘Learn’ videos show you how to do the postures or ‘asanas’ that you’ll soon be doing, introduce you to the ‘sequence’ which you’ll soon be practicing and explain and demonstrate the use of ‘modifications’.

Asana: this Sanskrit word means posture or pose and Yogi’s use it to refer to the shapes you make with your body when you practice. You’ll see the word ‘asana’ at the end of the names of the postures e.g Trikon-asana - meaning Triangle Pose (Trikon = Triangle).

Sequence: this is a series of asana’s linked together which should be practiced in order. The YogaBomb sequence takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and should be done as often as possible. For maximum results do it every damn day!

Modifications: there are easier versions of each asana and they are called modifications. These allow complete beginners and the totally inflexible to complete the sequence. With modifications, anybody can do this sequence; young or old, fit or fat, flexible or plank-like.

Email: mrmrwinterburn@gmail.com

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