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UpdatedMar 02, 2018
DeveloperBrainwave Engineering Srl
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YourBeat app

Using the sensors installed in the smartwatches, YourBeat is able to monitor your heart frequency, detecting anomalous profiles or, in the worst case, the absence of heart beat

Using the sensors installed in the smartwatches, YourBeat is able to monitor your heart frequency, detecting anomalous profiles or, in the worst case, the absence of heart beat.
General Information:
The application monitor the heartbeat, its frequency and its trend, acquired by the sensors installed in the smartwatches. These parameters are constantly compared with standard profiles and values set in the application database, allowing to detect not healthy anomalies or behaviors.
When the measured values exceed the limits set according to the user profile, the app can send an alarm to the wearable device and to the smartphone, in order to inform the user. This notification had been designed in order to maximize its visibility, the device in fact will ring and vibrate.
Information about the event detected will be then provided to the user and it will be asked to perform and action in order to stop the alarm.
In fact the user will have to deactivate the alarm/notification on the smartphone and, eventually, to autonomously inform the proper emergency service of its condition. On the other hand, if the user is not able to deactivate the alarm or if the detected anomaly is the absence of heartbeat, the application sends a predefine message and a phone call to preselected telephone numbers.
The message delivered by YourBeat contains the following information:
- Name and Last Name of the user (as indicated by the user in the registration form)
- Anomaly detected
- Hour and day
- Position (or address) where the anomaly had been detected
YourBeat is available in three different configurations, each one dedicated to a different target of user.

The first and more simple version is “YourBeat Basic”.
YourBeat Basic grants all the monitoring functionalities with local and not interactive notifications. This version does not require any registration on YourBeat members site because the data collected are not transmitted and because no emergency message and call are performed in case of event detection.

The second version is “YourBeat Advanced”.
This first upgrade introduces the interactive notifications and, most important, the emergency message and call to preselected phone numbers. In order to do that a registration of the user on YourBeat members site is required, but no personal web page are created and the data collected by YourBeat are not transmitted by the smartwatch.

The third version is “YourBeat PRO”.
This is the complete version of YourBeat, with all the functionalities unlocked. The application monitors the heart data and compare them with the limits customized according to the personal information, like the age. The interactive notifications allow to, eventually, stop the emergency alarm if everything is fine. If the system measures a frequency profile compatible with an heart attack or in case of no response to two interactive notifications an emergency message with name, position and anomaly detected will be sent to the preselected phone numbers, together with a phone call to obtain the immediate attention of the called person. A personal page is created during the registration on YourBeat members site, all the data acquired by the application are there uploaded for further check by the user or by the doctor, remotely and in real time.

The upgrade from "YourBeat Basic" up to "YourBeat PRO" can be easily performed within the application.
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