Secure, encrypted cloud-based instant messaging.


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Dec 30, 2018

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Zap Zap Messenger APP

Why use Zap Zap Messenger?

√ Groups of up to 50,000 members
√ Free and encrypted voice calls
√ Personalize the app according to the colors you want
√ You surf at will without sharing your phone number
√ Allows interaction in secret conversations between users that are deleted according to estimated time for detonation. 100% safe and secret.
√ Over 150,000 groups and channels for you to enjoy
√ Lighter, more functional and safer than competing applications.
√ Allows creation of custom contact groups by the user.
√ Provides voice message recording
√ Allows you to send any file or document up to 1.5 GB.
√ With features for sending photos, videos, location, contact and audio (voice message)
√ Encryption system that improves data security over the network.

ZapZap Messenger is a messaging application that uses the Telegram API.
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