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Transmission line characteristic impedance calculator

VersionV0.9.19 (11)
UpdatedApr 02, 2015 (6 years ago)
DeveloperRode Consulting, LLC
CategoryApps, Education

This app is a transmission line characteristic impedance calculator.

Includes microstrip, embedded microstrip, stripline, asymmetric stripline, coplanar waveguide and edge-coupled microstrip calculations. Currently at BETA-plus quality. App has been tested in multiple emulation environments, but not exhaustively.

Features include forward calculation from geometry of εeff, propagation velocity, and per-length inductance-capacitance (currently does not check inputs against equation limits). Inverse calculation of trace width from specified impedance is also supported, but results should be confirmed with forward calculation.

This tool is primarily intended for tablets with good usability on large phones and requires at least 480 dip (3") in the longest direction to fully access the UI (which can be scrolled vertically). The minimum width, however, is set to 320 pixels (see screenshots). On the smallest displays the data entry mode can switch to full display, which can be inconvenient and why small screens are not recommended. The app should be very usable at resolutions of 4.5" WVGA and above.

This app uses Android Marketplace Licensing and must have access to the internet to validate the license. IF LICENSE ACCESS IS BLOCKED, APP MAY RETURN INACCURATE RESULTS.

This app is licensed on an "AS-IS" basis - see license agreement within the 7" tablet matrix screenshot. It is expected there will be an update (1-2 months) after feedback from early adopters but this is not guaranteed.

What's New

First production release.

Email: rcl.android.zednought@gmail.com

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