Configure your METER logger from the palm of your hands.

Version1.10.4 (114)
UpdatedAug 18, 2020 (5 months ago)
DeveloperMETER Group, Inc. USA
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ZENTRA Utility is the newest way to interact with your METER data loggers. Using Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE), you can wirelessly connect to your data logger, view information about the logger and sensors and configure the logger according to your needs.

ZENTRA Utility features:
- Wirelessly connect to METER data loggers
- View sensor and on-board measurement values
- Configure logger metadata, measurement interval, cellular communication settings and sensor configuration
- Test cellular connection of logger
- Search for available carriers to which the logger can connect
- Save preferences for unit types and device defaults

Compatible Data Loggers
- ZL6

ZENTRA makes it easy to connect to METER data loggers. The first screen you will see is the Device screen. While on this screen, ZENTRA automatically scans for METER data loggers near you. Once you see the logger you'd like to connect to, simply tap on it. ZETNRA will establish a Bluetooth connection and gather information from the logger.

Once connected to a logger, you will be able to see device and sensor information. This includes battery, data storage availability, serial number, measurement interval and more. For your sensors, you will see the current reading. If you want to refresh the data, simply tap Refresh. Also, by default AutoRefresh is turned on which will update sensor values for you every 30 seconds. This can be turned on and off under Preferences.

Tapping on Configure will allow you to setup your logger in a way that suits your needs. Here you can change the device name, site name, measurement interval, cellular settings and port configuration.

If you have a cellular-enabled logger, you will be able to test the current cellular network connection to make sure your logger can talk to ZENTRA Cloud. You may also search for carriers to see which carriers are available to the logger in the area.

Heavy use of Bluetooth may drain the battery on your device. However, ZENTRA Utility helps save your battery life by doing the following:

1) Automatically stopping scans to connect if scanning has been going on for some time with no user interaction.
2) Scanning for devices only while the app is open.
3) Communicating via Bluetooth only when you want to (i.e. when you want to refresh data, change a setting, run a cell test, etc.).

Within the ZENTRA app, you can easily send feedback. If there are things that you like or don't like, please let us know because we want to create the best user experience possible.

Thanks for using ZENTRA Utility!

What's New

- Bug fixes
- NEW 'Current Draw' toggle feature for ZSC users only!

Email: support.environment@metergroup.com

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