Zephyrus Pro Anemometer APK

ZephyrPro works as a proper anemometer, just using your smartphone microphone!

Version4.1.1 (4101)
UpdatedSep 21, 2019 (1 year ago)
DeveloperGaia Consulting
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This application brings the functionalities of an Anemometer (Wind Meter) and of a Wind Spectrum Analyzer to your phone.No sensors required: realtime wind speed reading (usually max 20 m/s, with a little trick up to 30 m/s: see the user guide) just using your smartphone microphone.

Outstanding features, multilingual, cross-platform and an impressive calibration: do you want more? simply ask. More than 350.000 downloads in the various editions: simply the best!

Suitable for any winter and summer windsport.

>>ZephyrPro at a glance (no ads)

- Dynamic and Average wind speed measuring modes with real time charts, wind direction display
+ Multiple units of measure (m/s, Km/h, knots, fps, mph, Beaufort scale)
+ Professional calibration page
+ Customizable measuring direction for tablets (DownWind, UpWind)
+ Adjustable wind smoothing factor, ideal to stabilize measures/graphs with variable winds
+ Wind Spectrum Analyzer with real time linear and logarithmic charts
+ WindChill Calculator (NWS formula), suitable to calculate the windchill index
+ WC temperature display (from sensor or weather service)
+ Settable cutoff frequency of the wind band, in order to avoid some specific interference
+ Local current weather service
+ Supported languages: English, Español, Italiano, Português

This application is not intended to replace scientific instrumentation, but with a good calibration it can come close to a real anemometer device.

Read the embedded User Guide: for any info or troubleshooting you can contact us at support@gaiacons.com.

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