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Version3.0c (31)
UpdatedMay 09, 2014 (6 years ago)
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Zeus Arena supports the best first person shooter experience on Android. Zeus Arena has improved touch screen controls that let the player move, fire and look at the same time and is Xperia PLAY optimized. Zeus Arena is the best port of the ioquake3 engine (http://ioquake3.org/) for Android. However Zeus Arena also sports a second game engine, based off Quake2Android. The ioquake3 engine is a first person shooter engine designed for PCs. As such it supports several PC games, such as the completely free first person shooter OpenArena which is featured in the screenshots for this app. The second supported engine is the predecessor to the ioquake3 engine. The main differences between the two is that ioquake3 is more focused on competitive multiplayer and the other is more single player focused. However the ioquake3 engine has better support (better controls, a free game that can better auto downloaded and runs more efficiently). Multiplayer is supported, even between android devices and PCs so long as they are both running the same game through the same engine. When you purchase Zeus Arena you are not purchasing any games. However Zeus can download the free first person shooter Open Arena and install it for you at the click of a button (for the ioquake3 engine). This application builds upon kwaak3 (http://code.google.com/p/kwaak3/) and Quake2Android (https://sites.google.com/site/quake2android/) by adding support for the Xperia Play's gamepad and improved touch screen controls. See the in game help menu (for bother engines), the kwaak3 website (for the ioquake3 engine) or the Quake2Android website (for the other engine) for instructions on installing extra games. The menu key brings up an a menu which can be used to change control and start-up settings and get help if the game isn't working. If you ever change your key bindings such that you can't change them back in game, delete the config file from your SD card (it will be in the same folder as the PK3 files). Known Issues: * changing key-bindings is not currently supported (touch controls can however be changed in the Zeus Arena menu) *Some maps will crash and cause the application to exit *To find a host you will sometimes have to specify their ip address *Some cinematics have issues displaying *External storage is required to run Zeus Arena *(ioquake3 only) Zeus Arena uses a different networking protocol than most online games by default (it needs to for single player games to work, as strange as that may sound). To be able to join Open Arena servers change the Open Arena Protocol option in the start-up options menu. Make sure to change it back before playing single player. Zeus Arena is built upon revision 33 of kwaak3 and Quake2Android which are both licensed under GPL version 2. Zeus Arena complies with this license by supplying it's source code inside the app Zeus Arena Source, just download the app and press extract. It is not my intent to violate any licenses or break any laws (this has a history of happening with GPL apps on the market), if you believe I may have done as such please let me know so I can sort out any issues. Contact me atbigbison13@gmail.comif you have any questions

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