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版本1.0.5 (6)
分类游戏, 卡牌

9 Card outsmart 游戏

A simple and profound original casual card game.

It is a game where you have cards from 1 to 9 and use them up in 5 times.

Use at least one card at a time.

If the total number of cards used is large, you win 1 point.

The winner is the one who gets 3 points first, or more points after 5 rounds.

The dilemma of this game is that you can use more cards to win,

but your remaining hand is weaker.

Outsmart your opponent and grab the victory.

Watch the video ad and get a play token.

You can store up to 100 play tokens, so if you store them in advance in a

Wi-Fi environment, you can play continuously.

You can get pet food from two consecutive wins or more.

Give pet food and raise cute pets.

Achieve all achievements and get additional play tokens.

Raise your pet to the maximum and get additional play tokens.

Thank you for reading and Enjoy this game!

*If the ad button takes a long time to load, try pressing it several times.

Recommended for people like this.

: People who like card games.
: People who like short games.
: People who like pets.
: People who want to play games without paid items.
: People who don't want to play online.

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