Age of KITA


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名称卡塔纪元 APK, Age of KITA APK
版本0.18.0 (20)
分类游戏, 策略

Age of KITA 游戏


A new planet, a new chapter for humanity!

Faced with complete extermination on an unfamiliar planet, how will humanity rise to the occasion?
When massive wormholes transported countless humans to the planet KITA, they found themselves on a paradise as lush, vast, and vibrant as Earth. The planet’s cruel Manhel conquerors, however, welcomed them with slaughter and destruction.
As a Commander of the forces of humanity, your mission is to explore the planet, forge a Coalition with your allies, then strike back against the Manhel by conquering cities and building new outposts. Once the fog has been cleared and the path forward has revealed itself, raise the banner of humanity and liberate KITA from Manhel tyranny!

Explore a Mysterious Planet
KITA is an uncharted land, and you’ll be the one charting it. Discover both dangerous enemies and new opportunities as your recon drones explore this vast new planet.

A Huge, Dynamic World
All players and enemies share a massive, seamless world map. Dynamic weather, day/night cycling, real-time lighting and shadows, and diverse geography create a living, breathing world for you to experience.

Real-Time Combat
Fight in real-time battles across the world map. Join or leave battles at any time with ultra-responsive RTS controls. Unrestricted army movement lets you freely adjust, move, and dispatch your troops, giving you full strategic control.

Recruit the Heroes of Tomorrow
Recruit, upgrade, and equip over 100 sci-fi Heroes. 60,000-polygon character models and high-quality animations bring your Heroes to life.

True Strategic Gameplay
An impactful rock-paper-scissors unit system means your tactical decisions matter far more than in pay-to-win strategy games. With fully-customizable armies of up to 15 Heroes, it’s the smartest commander, not the one who pays the most, who’ll come out on top.

Build Powerful Coalitions
A system of Coalitions and Unions creates a friendlier, more cooperative community fighting together for the future of KITA. Form or join a Coalition, explore the planet with your allies, and launch epic Rally Attacks against Manhel cities as you work towards building a planet-wide Federation.