Alpha Network: Mobile Digital Asset APK

Alpha Network: Mobile Digital Asset


下载适用于 Android 的 Alpha Network: Mobile Digital Asset APK - 免费 - 最新版本



名称Alpha Network APK
版本1.7 (31)
开发者Alpha Network
分类应用, 社交

更新日期 - 新变化

Cloud Infrastructure
Security Enhancements
Performance Optimizations
Improve stability
Other optimizations and bug fixes
Network Security updates

Alpha Network: Mobile Digital Asset 应用


Start mining Alpha with cloud rigs. It is easy to setup. Just jump in and start mining now, no setup required. Click the button and you are set.

More about the Alpha Network:
Alpha network helps you mine alpha on your phone with the help of cloud rigs. The view of alpha network is to provide each player a simple, secure and robust experience in mining alpha.

The mining experience is playful and straightforward making it easy for everyone regardless of background or previous technical knowledge to be able to mine just by tapping a button on their phone. The best part of the concept is that it is entirely free.

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