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Catapult Fight


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名称Catapult Fight APK
版本1.3 (3)
开发者spirit soft
分类应用, 漫画

Catapult Fight 应用


Throw the stones from catapult on the enemy to complete the missions. This catapult fight game has a simple intuitive control. Tap on the screen and pull to charge the catapult and select the tension force. Release to launch the projectile into the enemy. In the "Catapult Fight" game you must help the stickman to defend his castle from the siege weapons of the enemy.

Use the catapult to throw stones at the opponents and break their military mechanisms and siege towers. According to the old regulations, the catapult was used as the fighting weapon by the army. Now, this weapon has no entity. These types of weapons can only be seen in the museums. We have used the realistic sounds of the catapult in this catapult fight game. By playing this game, you will come to know that how this weapon was used for the purpose of the fight. The Big stones were used to fight against enemies. There also used two or more people to pull the catapult. You will be pleased to play this catapult fight game.

Game features:
- Interesting and funny game-play
- Pretty pixel graphic, visual effects.
- A lot of interesting levels
- Better sound effects.
- Save castle energy.
- Beautiful and attractive background.
- Easy to play but hard to master.