Chinese Lunar Calendar Alarm APK

Chinese Lunar Calendar Alarm


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名称Lunar Reminder APK
版本2.4 (80)
分类应用, 工具

更新日期 - 新变化

V2.4 (78)
- Update Public Holiday For Year 2021 & 2022
- Update BaZi Information up to 2099
- Add Dongzhi & Qingming Festival
- Fixed Some Display Issue

Chinese Lunar Calendar Alarm 应用


Reminder :
- Remind your schedule to burn incense every 1st or 15th of the lunar month.
- Remind your vegetarian schedule every 1st or 15th of the lunar month.
- Remind your beloved lunar birthday.
- this version only allow 5 reminders

How the reminder work :
Remind you 1 day before and up to 2 weeks before at specific time to the events

Calendar :
- Showing gregorian calendar with chinese lunar calendar / chinese moon calendar
- Showing chinese zodiac animal sign of the selected date
- Add Note to selected date of the calendar.
- Public holiday based on Simcard Country (Only Available For : Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, USA, India, Myanmar, China, Taiwan, Australia, Philippines, Italy, Cambodia, Vietnam, Brunei, France, South Korea, Laos, New Zealand, Russia, Thailand)

Add WIDGET to your home screen for incoming alarm & today's lunar date

Showing Auspicious Days (Lucky Days), Inauspicious Days (Unlucky Days) and Auspicious Time (Lucky Time) on picked date in the main calendar

Showing daily clash information for zodiac and direction

Information about 4 Pillars of Destiny (Earthly Branch - Earth Pillars - & Heavenly Stems - Heaven Pillars -) or also mostly known as BaZi (八字), The information of this 4 Pillars of Destiny will be served on every single selected date on the main calendar.

*Disclaimer Note : For Android OREO Users : Android Oreo has limit the access of background service, sometimes the alarm is killed and will not work. I Still finding way to make sure the alarm will ring on time. For older android version will not have this issue.