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下载适用于 Android 的 DSB | Mobile Banking APK - 免费 - 最新版本



版本1.6.1b4.1.4.bb99233 (1060100)
开发者De Surinaamsche Bank NV
分类应用, 财务

DSB | Mobile Banking 应用


Features via DSB | Mobile Banking App:
• Log in with a PIN
• View your account balance and credits and debits from your accounts
• Perform own creditcard payments
• Load own prepaidcard
• Setup scheduled payments
• Perform transfers (this is restricted with daily limits)
• Setup e-mail alerts
• Block your lost or stolen debitcard, creditcard or prepaidcard
• Search for locations of ATMs and Branches
• View Bankmail
• Available in Dutch and English

With DSB | Mobile Banking App you can bank 1x24 hours per day from your smartphone or tablet. It is important that you have an active internet connection on your smartphone or tablet to use DSB | Mobile Banking App.

To use DSB | Mobile Banking App you must have access to DSB | Internet Banking. This is for your own safety, so if you lose your smartphone or tablet, you can deactivate it via your Internet Banking account so that other people cannot access your Mobile Banking account. Also, you only have the login details of your account, so at DSB banking is not only made easy but is also safe!

To gain access to DSB | Internet Banking and DSB | Mobile Banking App you need an active checking account at DSB. Opening a checking account is quick and easy via one of our Branches. You can make an appointment via our website: www.dsb.sr

Want to know more about DSB | Mobile Banking App?

View the detailed information on www.dsb.sr or call our Customer Contact Center at 471100 or visit one of our DSB Branches.