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版本1.0.5.1 (6)
开发者Ray Of Light
分类应用, 图书与工具书

ENT Resources 应用


Otorhinolaryngology & Head and Neck surgeons face one of the most complex anatomy of the human body. Learning - and teaching ENT - I realized that learning resources are few in this area. I created this app in the hope that modern technology can help us in the quest to learn this complex anatomy and other intricacies of this branch.

Great content found elsewhere on the web sometimes are designed for older browsers or the PC, which does not display well on todays mobiles. With that in mind, this app has been created to be mobile friendly and responsive, so where-ever you are, using whichever device, you are good to go.

For easy of understanding CT scan anatomy, the content is correlated in two planes, with one serving as a reference. Hence it is much easier to understand the anatomy as we face in the clinical situation. Both the planes can be individually scrolled, so depth is easier to understand.

The content is offline, hence loads faster than the website. Also, this app will always be free!
Any feedback is welcome. You can contact me below.