Fancy Stylish Fonts Keyboard - Fancy Text Keyboard APK

Fancy Stylish Fonts Keyboard - Fancy Text Keyboard


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名称Fancy Font Keyboard APK
版本1.2 (3)
开发者White Lemon Studio
分类应用, 个性化

Fancy Stylish Fonts Keyboard - Fancy Text Keyboard 应用


Want to find something new for your text ?
Want to impress your friends with cool text ?
Want to chat with friends using stylish texts ?

Fancy Stylish Fonts Keyboard application best for chatting or text messages.
Using this application you can create beautiful stylish text and decorate any text you write and create amazing stylish font effects.
Get Fancy Text on your phone and your stylish text habit and feed your zeal to impress people.
Create multiple type stylish effect to share with friends.
Fancy text, Stylish fonts, Cool emojis for create different stylish text.

Fancy Text Keyboard application generate customize text with beautiful themes, enhance feelings with cute emojis and sticker.
While typing a text message on your favorite chatting app or on your social sites, just use this fancy text application & type your text creatively.

Features :-

* Very stylish fonts available for free.
* Light weight application to general stylish texts.
* Best application who loves to be unique and distinct.
* Works for chatting applications,text messages, social networking sites & many more way.
* Various styles of fancy texts available for free.
* One touch to create fancy texts.
* Customize keyboard to adjust your way.
* Touch, vibrate keyboard sound, auto capitalization to set up.
* Share created fancy & stlyish text with friends.