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GreenShark Game Space 应用

Optimize your android device to achieve the best performance with GreenShark Game Space

Enjoy a better gaming experience with the GreenShark Game Space game booster app.
Some of the features in GreenShark are as follows:

## Game Space
Add your favorite games to the futuristic gamespace of Greenshark

## Cache cleaner
Optimize your device's performance by cleaning junk files on your device with the junk cleaner feature in Greenshark

## WhatsApp media cleaner
Free up storage space while reducing your device's memory load by deleting files that are no longer useful on WhatsApp media.

## Clan/squad/Esport logo maker
We understand your needs as gamers, in Greenshark we provide a feature to create your group/squad/Esport logo with several template options that you can choose from.

## Name / Nickname maker
Of course, we understand that you as a millennial gamer want to be unique in front of your squad or opponent, so writing a nickname is also an option, Greenshark is also equipped
with the name creation feature that supports unicode, you can choose unicode letters which are certainly different from the others.

## Application analyzer
Greenshark is also equipped with a feature to analyze the apps installed on your device including Bloatware (factory default apps). with just one touch you can find a list of applications that are not useful and only consume your device's memory and CPU.

Download the modern and elegant Greenshark Game Space/game booster app right now, and enjoy a better gaming experience with GreenShark.

Come on, add your favorite game to the Game space and Gaskeuuunnnn ,,,

## Note
Greenshark uses QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission with the aim of listing the applications/game installed on the user's device, to be added to the list (bookmark) of apps/games that will be optimized by Greenshark.
QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission is required for the core function of Greenshark, without the permission of QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES Greenshark will not work/break.