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名称Helwa APK
版本2021.10.191 (670)
分类应用, 社交

Helwa Live 应用


Watching Real Time Broadcast  anywhere and anytime in Helwa Live !

[Watch Helwa Live Streaming ]
Millions of talented Host, dancers and singers, will talk with you, sharing your live experience with our pretty host

[Host’s Online PK]
Support your favorite host, let your host win this intense battle in Helwa! Host who get more points will win the PK and the losers have to receive a punishments.

[Sharing Your Social Updates]
Share your spectacular moment of live streaming, your daily photos, make friends with more people and share your Streaming Video in Helwa to another social media.

[Show Off Cool Gift]
Lot of luxury gift, Funny and interesting prank gift will come over you, help you to express your motion, let your favorite host be in popular chart by sending gifts to your host and got more Helwa's privileges

[Event & Game Center]
Helwa Live Streaming Video, you can watch streaming & join event at the same time, much of event are waiting for you, let’s get a lot of unexpected gift like easter egg,
Fiercely classic plane , get more funny games and fight to win lot of gifts.

[Sharing Short Video]
Share your favorite live streaming video to your social network. Let your friends come to join your live.

[Brand New Way Of Helwa Live Streaming]
The Brand New Way of Helwa Live Streaming that you never meet before!
Go get the possibility to meet more funny people and let’s start your live streaming.

Helwa Live Streaming have much surprise that waiting for you,Hurry up and join us~

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