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Hi Music -mp3&Music downloader

An elegant music player with all the features,which provides millions of songs.




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Hi Music -mp3&Music downloader 应用

Hi Music lite is an elegant and easy music player with all the features. Users are able to browse across millions of music videos and add them to your own playlists. Hi Music lite is sure to become your default audio player.

Key Features:
-Simple,clear,convenient and practical
Unlimited music:
-Discover new trending music with different categories
-Browse songs by title,artist, album, genre, folder and playlist
-Update the rankings of popular song and popular playlist daily.

-Change the playback mode, single loop/random play/loop play and so on can be changed at will.
-Floating video player,which you can place anywhere on the screen and help you uninterruptly listen to the music while using other applications or doing everything else
-Play songs in a selective order by adding to the currently playing list through Add feature.

-Create and edit your own playlists, unlimited amount, completely, support custom playlist name, song sorting and playlist sorting
-Support for multiple platforms: Available support on phones, tablets
-Login with your account, and immediately sync your music on other devices

-Power saver mode: A battery friendly option that allows you to listen to music while optimizing battery usage.
-One of the most important thing is that we will urgently help you with the problem you meet in the application.

Install Hi Music lite and enjoy your favourite songs like never before,and it has more amazing features, all waiting to be discovered by you!
Hope everyone can enjoy different music playing experience through Hi Music lite application!