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名称Human Anatomy 3D APK
版本1.90 (19)
分类应用, 教育

Human Anatomy 3D 应用

所有人体解剖系统的详细信息 + AR 支持

Human Anatomy 3D App helps you in basic and detail information about Human body. Human Anatomy 3D App is 3D anatomy bones and organs app for students and professors Which allows you to zoom and rotate 360° and view each part of human body part.
This App gives you all the human body parts information and detail of each organs, bones, muscle in human body. Human Anatomy 3D App will provide you all the description of human body parts.
Human Anatomy 3D will provide the study of human body parts, bones, nerves, organs, various systems, skeletal system and internal systems in 3D view

All Human Anatomy systems with details:

* 3D Skeletal System
* 3D Circulatory System
* 3D Lymphatic System
* 3D Digestive System
* 3D Visual System
* 3D Muscular System
* 3D Respiratory System
* 3D Hearing System
* 3D Integumentary System
* 3D Olfactory System
* 3D Nervous System
* 3D Urinary System