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Icefield Guardians GAME

Icefield Guardian is a mobile medieval sandbox survival game. In this world of magic and dragons, players will build their homes and rear their dragons to resist the invading Frost Legion. We strive to become a leading product in the sandbox niche.
Rear ancient dragons the way you want
Legend has it that a mysterious clan of Royal Dragons called the northern land home back in the Middle Ages. They tamed and befriended giant dragons with the Royal Dragon Might they were born with, and through the dragons’ magic power, they became stronger. Players will grow together with their dragons and fight side by side in the face of the frost undead’s invasion.

Gather resources and turn waste into wealth
The northern civilizations have collapsed since the Frost Legion’s invasion. Players need to gather resources and lie low. Even the most common scraps can be turned into artifact materials. There are over one hundred kinds of resources for you to play around. A very realistic body temperature and hunger system give you a true taste of the survival situation.

Housing is not a luxury. Everyone can build their own.
The game adopts the medieval European style of architecture to restore the life of that part of history. Players are free to build and develop their own homes. Farm, rear dragons and hire mercenaries to lead an idyllic life.

Raise an army of your own and grow your clan
Raise an army and grow your clan. From the comfort of the home point at your own mountains and rivers. Grow and produce materials to sustain yourselves. In a doomed world, we must lie low and develop quickly to resist the Frost Legion’s invasion.

Survive the doom and confront the enemy
Unite as one and we will have a chance to live! The game offers you exciting single-player modes and special instances for teams of 2 or more players. Challenge harder multi-player instances and kill more monsters to win generous rewards. It’s a real test for your teamwork. Some players need to put on a thick suit of plate mail to take the enemy’s attacks while others must snatch their opportunity to fire arrows from a distance or join a close quarter combat.

Welcome to the Icefield Guardian. Experience a medieval world of swords and magic as a soldier stationed at Eternal Fortress. Together we will redefine the mobile sandbox survival game!