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iLauncher 7 APP

Your phone is slow and freezes alot?
does your battery drains too fast?
are you Tired of the boring simple UI on your android homescreen?
Your Android launcher is too complicated?
GET iLauncher 7 to have the most amazing experience with fast and amazing transitions.
iLauncher 7 is by far the best Launcher for iOS 10 like experience on Android.
With this i10 OSlauncher, you will be able to change the style of your android phone to iLauncher.
customization is a key feature,you can simply do everything beyond your wildest imagination with ilauncher.
get os theme and icontrol – control center os theme for your android phone.
With our iLauncher, your android phone have an os theme like iLauncher.
Your device will become so cool your family and friends will be amazed once you show them.

iLauncher Key Features:
★ iLauncher style iOS 10:
★ Apple Launcher have theme like iOs theme
★ Easy to use: with Apple Launcher you can easily delete apps and move them around.
★ Gestures: You can setup up gestures such as swipe up with 2 fingers to open the vault,
or swipe down with 2 fingers to pull down the notification toggle.
★ Smart sorting with No App Drawer: All Apps will be added to dedicated categorized folders.
★ Drag and Drop tiles : iPhone Launcher allows a simple drag and Drop tiles, customize every folder according to your needs.
★ Personalization: With iLauncher, you can set some cool animations such as scroll animations,edit mode animation, infinite scrolling, lock desktop, You can setup HD OS10 wallpapers.
★ Smooth icon animations
★ QHD and 4K wallpaper
★ Power efficient
★ Built in RAM Booster
★ iControl - style iOs 10:
★ Apple Launcher support style ios 10 like on the iphone 7.
★ With iControl you can easy setup the options like on the os launcher.
★ Apple Launcher support swipe between pages like iPhone Launcher or see all apps using that function
★ iControl support cool edit mode animation
★ Easy to uninstall an app with icontrol of iLauncher by long Press Apps that you wish to uninstall
★ iLauncher 7 allows the simple creation of folders with multi apps like os launcher
★ Change wallpaper from control center
★ Blur backgrounds

Apple Launcher is 100% free and easy to use

if you feel the need for a change to your android home screen,download now and get the look like phone 7,
you want to experience os launcher and smart control style ios10 on phone 7 but it is too expensive to buy the real deal.
You are looking for an Apple Launcher app for your android phone. take your aold phone and transform it today.
Our Apple Launcher - iLauncher 7 app is your best choice. You can simply download iLauncher to change your life.

Apple Launcher will make your android phone look like the design of phone 7 with os theme.
With iPhone Launcher we transfer the personal layout of your android phone like Phone6s launcher layout.
Make your friends fooled with the new screen of your phone to look like metro Phone7 style.

Apple Launcher ★ Launcher for IOS10 is a very cool QHD resolution ready launcher for your Android Smart Phones.
The power and memory efficiency of this launcher app makes cooler than any other launcher on playstore.

Download Apple Launcher ★ iLauncher now and join the fun! More features will be coming soon in future updates!

iLauncher 7 caller ID helps you identify numbers real-time while the call is happening - even the ones not in your phonebook.
No more number guessing or avoiding unknown callers – iLauncher 7 caller ID prepares you for the call.
If your local pizza vendor doesn’t pick up the phone when you’re calling, iLauncher 7 caller ID will suggest alternative nearby places.
You can always adjust your caller ID settings in the settings menu.