INES - Classic 8bit Console Emulator APK

INES - Classic 8bit Console Emulator


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版本6.1.2 (6102)
开发者Garage Research Emulators
分类游戏, 街机

INES - Classic 8bit Console Emulator 游戏

INES 模拟 8 位游戏机,具有保存、倒带和网络播放功能。

This app runs games written for classic 8bit gaming consoles. It also emulates addons, such as tilt sensors, light guns, vibration packs, printers, and more. The emulation is specifically opimized for Android devices. It lets you save game progress at any moment, or even rewind gameplay back in time. You can exchange saved game states with other users, or play together by using the network play. This app supports AndroidTV, GoogleTV, and a variety of gamepads.

Disclaimer: Since all original games are written to run in the 4:3 NTSC TV resolution, the app will display them in the original resolution, with black bars at the sides of a 16:9 screen. If desired, you can make the image fill the entire screen via the "Settings | Video | Stretch Video" option.