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Lock Screen IOS14


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名称LockScreen OS 12 APK
版本10.0 (11)
分类应用, 娱乐

Lock Screen IOS14 应用

最佳OS锁定屏幕-适用于Phone X自由式OS 13的锁定应用程序:就像真正的Phone X

Surprise, iLock style IOS14 from Phone X experience will appear right on your Android phone!
The best Lock Screen with Phone style for android devices. Lock Screen IOS14 make your phone looks like a real phone X.
Lockscreen IOS14 is an application that can help you to Lock screen with passcode, pattern or schema it's easy to use in simple words this iLock app is made for those who love the 🍎 Phone but can not have it. So we developed Phone X Lockscreen so you can feel like you are using a real I.O.S device.
You can asset the notification on Lock screen, like a real IOS14 device, you can enjoy the Night Shift function!

iLock is grow on Lock screen for Phone, iLọck IOS14 , iLọck IOS14design from Phone 7 function and base on OS13 from Phone X design . But it can be installed on almost Android devices
iLocker protect your phone and give new life to your lock screen with high HD wallpapers, I.O.S wallpaper, 4k wallpaper and with highest rated material design make your lock screen unbelievably beautiful and unique.
🍎 Features of iLock IOS14 - Lock Screen Phone X
" Simulate 🍎 Phone lock screen style: The app Lock Screen from Phone X style, and from style IOS14, complete from the rounded corners to the font. That's what our special.
" Swipe to unlock screen/ Slide to unlock/ Night Shift
" Support: iNoty (Notification), iControl (control Center), iMusic (Music control)
" Support setting HD wallpaper, 4K Wallpaper, I.O.S Wallpaper from gallery and camera same as real iGaller yIOS14 and iCamera IOS14
" Change Lock Screen Phone X
" Support Clock: Display real time clock and date: 12-Hour and 24-Hour format
" Keypad lock screen, Simulate 🍎 Phone iKeyboard password, work as 🍎 Phone password
" Quick launch camera from lock screen
" Privacy with multiple screen lock types:
- Pattern iLock: Draw a simple pattern with your finger to unlock device
- PIN iLock IOS14: Enter number to unlock device
- Password Lock screen IOS14: enter letters or number to unlock device
" Optimized Battery Usage
" Displaying missed calls and unread messages with 🍎 Phone and iMessage
" Unlock sound enable/disable.
" Unlock vibration enable/disable.

Now download and enjoy this excellent with Lock Screen IOS14 for Phone X! If you show it to your friends, they must be surprised with you.
We promise you will love this lock screen app, now download this Lock Screen IOS14 and share it to your friends
Thanks for using iLock IOS14 - Lock Screen Phone X