Kodi 18.0的叉子,有着巨大的差异!



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Lodi APP

Lodi is a Kodi v18.0 fork which we made in less that 10 minutes using an online tool.

You can make your own version of Lodi at www.lodi.mobi

~ Loads a custom Kodi build from cloud stoarage with one click as fast as your server will allow.
~ No typing, download button loads from launch.
~ The download path to the build can be edited remotely (updates etc.)
~ Add your own app name, app logo, color scheme and custom artwork.
~ Perfect for sharing your own Kodi build to support your customers.
~ Compatible with all devices 32bit, 64bit, Amazon Fire TV products, mobile devices and Android TV Boxes.

* This app is purely for evaluation purposes. The build download in this app contains only a change of skin and official Kodi addons. We do not engage in sharing any third party content. Do not contact us in regards to illegal streaming.

For full details on creating your own app using the Lodi concept visit http://lodi.mobi

Lodi was developed by AVS Developers https://avstream.tv