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版本1.2.0 (10200)
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Metahero 应用

Buy, Track & Purchase in the $HERO Ecosystem

Welcome to Metahero the app. The world’s first real utility token application to track and manage your wallet activity around the Metahero ecosystem. With the Metahero application you can buy, track, spend, and receive $HERO on getting scanned, licensing your NFTs, or even buying an entire scanner.

The Metahero application was made so that ANYONE can easily kick-start their journey into crypto. We have made the barrier for entry as low as possible - with a simple user interface that makes use on a daily basis enjoyable.

Track your staking rewards
Metahero’s proprietary code and tokenenomics are hugely beneficial for long term holders. By auto-staking 1-2% of all transactions, holders of the $HERO token continuously receive rewards for simply letting their investment rest.

Metahero dashboard
The app dashboard will keep you up to date on your Metahero investment, providing you with prices, trading volumes, market capitalization, burn, and of course your real-time $HERO investment value.