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Pegasus | Pixel Launcher 🔥


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版本1.4 (4)
开发者newGen Mobile
分类应用, 个性化

Pegasus | Pixel Launcher 🔥 应用

Experience Pegasus - a pixel home screen launcher that you control and customize

Pegasus Launcher is a simple, lightweight, and fully customizable pixel home screen launcher. Pegasus Launcher brings you an amazing experience with even more customization options, and keeping everything organized on the go which makes your phone faster and easier to use with a all-new design and features!

Pegasus Launcher is designed with performance in mind and for all Android devices including phones, phablets, foldable, and tablets with material design guidelines.

? Awesome Features ?

• Home screen launcher with static shortcuts from android 6.0 and dynamic shortcuts on supported devices. Extra shortcut option to edit, uninstall and view app info. You can customize the shortcuts option in the settings of the launcher

• Search Launcher UI with a bottom search bar and app search bar with app suggestions and voice search shortcut with options to hide bottom search bar, change search provider, colored G icon, hide app search bar and hide app suggestions. Everything can be customized to give a look of Google Pixel devices similar to Pixel launcher with great experience. You can also add google assistant button in the search bar for easy access.

• Google Now Launcher Discover support also known as Google now Feed and at a glance feature for upcoming important google calendar events, current weather and commute information. This is available as a companion app is required to be download. It's completely safe.

• Notification Launcher dots in the icons in the launcher on supported devices and android version similar to apple or Samsung notifications dots. You can enable it by giving permission in launcher settings

• Theme Launcher can change the look & feel dynamically with light, dark, or automatic theme based on your wallpaper and optional black colors for the dark theme. Options to change Hotseat background, grid sizes, Hotseat icon count and icon sizes

• Action Launcher gives options to customize gestures & Actions with one finger swipe down for notifications and two-finger swipe down for quick settings. You can also override Home button action to Quick Search, Voice Search, Google Assistant, App drawer, app search, overview.

• Shortcuts Launcher with optional static shortcuts and dynamic shortcuts from android 7.1 or later which can give access to many actions in apps directly from home screen or app drawer

• App Lock Launcher allows you to put security option of device lock. This keeps your apps from unauthorized usage and secures your data and apps on the device.

• Hidden Space Launcher You can also hide apps which are very important from not showing anywhere similar to hidden space

• Icon Launcher lets you customize each and every app icon as well as support for third-party icon packs

• Other features like home screen rotation, disable spring animation, toggle navigation bar transparency and lock your desktop to prevent accidental changes. This app uses the Device Administrator permission. This is required for secure lock and is completely optional.

• Support RTL languages like Arabic, Hebrew etc natively
• Fully customizable grid in home screen pages as well as app drawer
• Choose a search engine (Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing)
• Lock home screen icons
• Show more local results in search (type less!)
• Frequently used apps in search (except for hidden apps )
• Android O notifications
• App drawer and folder grid customization

Helpful Tips:

? Create Folders: long press an icon and drag it over another icon.
? App Options: long press on icons to access icon customization and other options.
? Create Shortcuts: long press on a search result to create a custom shortcut.
? Remove apps from homescreen: long press on an icon, drag and drop the icon over the “Remove” button at the top of the screen.
? Add a homescreen: Long press an icon and drag to the far right of the screen. Empty homescreens are not currently supported.