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名称SpoofApp APK
版本2.7.1 (29)
分类应用, 工具

SpoofApp 应用

Hide your identity when making calls

Want to make truly anonymous calls? Then you should be interested in downloading the APK of SpoofApp, an application that can modify your caller ID as well as coming along with quite a few extra options.

Anonymous calls to whoever you want

This tool can be used to make 100% anonymous calls and not only because it can hide our phone number but because it also allows us to modify our voice to make us sound like a man or a woman.

In turn, it also lets us record our phone calls so that we can keep a log of all our conversations for the purpose of our choice (although you should remember that you may be doing something illegal in certain cases).

The application requires us to purchase credit to be able to make calls but each installation comes along with a free trial. With the latter, we can carry out phone pranks although other people will probably use it unlawfully.