Tasbeeh Counter : Ramadan Zikr Counter APK

Tasbeeh Counter : Ramadan Zikr Counter


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名称Tasbeeh Counter APK
版本1.0001-tas (2)
开发者Social Tools Tech
分类应用, 工具

Tasbeeh Counter : Ramadan Zikr Counter 应用

Tasbeeh Counter app for daily zikr tasbih download dhiker app for ramazan

Digital Tasbeeh Counter app for daily dhiker in ramadan. With this Tasbih app You can recite your tesbihat with smart dhikr & tasbeeh counter application which is designed as real tasbeeh counter that looks like a ring. You can use this mobile dhikr application for the Salaah Tesbihat. Tasbeeh application will helpful for your all dhikrs.

You should press the button to pulse the number. with smart restart button you can again restart the tasbeeh from start.

With this tasbih counter app you don 't have to check the screen, because digital tasbeeh counter app will give you vibration warning. Digital Tasbeeh Counter has three buttons basically: counter button, saving button and pulse button.


✔ The application will save the energy by the help of night mode option.

✔ You can dhikr with out check the screen by the help of vibration (you can close the vibration).

✔ You can check your ex dhikrs by name, date and numbers.

This digital tasbeeh counter app is designed to recite tasbehaat anywhere and anytime. Tasbih Counter app have multiple duas and zikr for different occasions.

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