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In normal waking life, the very tiny part of our world are outside our subjective experience. We can only see and feel and perceive those things that are within our range of size. This is just the nature of life. Through mixed reality and FPV drone technologies, though, it is possible to move out of this range of size – and experience the smaller parts of the world around you. Take your bedroom: shrink yourself down to the right size and all of a sudden it is a vast terrain, the borders of which stretch far beyond your line of sight. Your house? This is a cluster of galaxies, each one filled with crevices and regions to explore.

It's all possible with ZinkyUFO, our innovative, cutting-edge first-person-view (FPV) drone. The first drone of its kind, ZinkyUFO brings your perspective down to a smaller range of size through our mixed reality interface. When you are at the helm of ZinkyUFO, you can fly like Superman across your ceiling or race a band of aliens across the constellation made up of the four corners in your kitchen. ZinkyUFO puts you into the pilot's seat, making drone racing into a more personal and more immediate experience than it has ever been before.

The ZinkyUFO systems works in real time and without any sort of delay, and we are using a 48-channel 5.8G FPV video link (native compatibility with AR technology on Android and iOS) with any VR goggle and AR headset to create the mixed reality effect, Whereas traditional drone racing and recording require a lot of editing and back-end work, ZinkyUFO does not. You can record, edit, and share videos quickly and efficiently with ZinkyUFO!

Email: max@fpvstyle.com

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