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1.0.0 · Aug 06, 2020

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Version1.0.0 (2)
UpdatedAug 06, 2020
DeveloperZ Light Inc.
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zLight app

Sleep undistracted, and wake up refreshed, healthy, and stress-free with zLight!

zLight Helps You Sleep Well

Get the best night’s stress-free and undistracted sleep with zLight and its accompanying mobile app.

The zLight app is the official 100% free mobile app available for Android and iOS, with which users of the zLight Sleep Box can control their device.

The zLight app has been made with the same careful attention to detail and minimalist design as the zLight Sleep Box that inspired it. Its easy-to-use interface integrates a wide range of functions that are intuitive and pleasing to use.

Do More With The zLight App

With the zLight app, you’re in full control of your zLight Sleep Box. You can:

Quickly and easily adjust your wake-up time.

Create schedules for different days.

Control the brightness of the light.

Change the color gradient.

Select a playlist.

Play music, and change the track and volume.

Routine is nice, but sometimes our schedules can change. That’s why we made scheduling very user friendly. Easily create a new schedule, make changes to existing ones, activate or deactivate them, or just delete them.

Through the app, you can also sign up for optional third party integrations that extend zLight’s functionality, and integrate it within your smart home family.

Some of these include Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

What is zLight?

The zLight Sleep Box was designed based on the device Mark Zuckerberg created for his wife. First to market, our zLight Sleep Box displays a faint light that lets you know when you need to get up without having to look at your phone or clock.

For example, say you need to wake up between 7 a.m.﹘8 a.m..

Set the timer, and select a gradient from red to blue.

If you wake up at 5 a.m., you’ll know you can go back to sleep without even checking the time, because there won’t be any light coming from your zLight.

Starting at 7 a.m., zLight will start shining red, and gradually shift toward blue until 8 a.m..

So when you wake up at 7.30 a.m., you’ll see from the hue that zLight lets off, that it is already time to get up.

At 8 a.m., just in case you weren’t already awake, zLight can play some music—from the calm sounds of nature to the latest rock album—to make sure you wake up when you wanted to.

How Does zLight Help You Sleep Better

Health studies have shown that looking at a phone—even with the Blue Light Filter activated—can seriously harm your sleep.

The light from your phone suppresses melatonin, the hormone in control of your sleep-wake cycle. It tricks your brain into thinking that it’s daylight, and makes it harder to fall asleep.

Notifications and alerts delay REM sleep, and can make it impossible to enter deep sleep again when seen during the night. They stimulate your brain, keeping it psychologically engaged, just as it’s trying to rest.

zLight avoids all of this by breaking the sleep-wake cycle into its most minimalist elements. You either need to wake up, or you don’t. The time is irrelevant. Tell it when you want to wake up, and forget about checking any of your other devices.

On top of this, zLight also features an environment monitor, that senses whether the air quality in your bedroom might be hindering your sleep, and offers suggestions through the zLight app for ways to improve it.

Ensure stress free sleep with the zLight.

Email: zzz@zlight.com

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