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In 2050 a virus spread to the world and people began to rot. This virus is a kind of virus that takes over the brain of humans and refutes their bodies. The people who had caught this virus were no longer human, and there was only one name worthy of them, "zombies." But there were people who had not been infected and healthy, they had to continue their lives as human beings, and they needed a place to live, a house, a base, and they found a house for themselves and vowed to do everything they could to live as a human being to protect it. There is a great war now and it is a war between the living and the dead. No matter what life has to win, the only thing that remains beautiful in the world is "life."

"Kill as many zombies and make the world a beautiful place again!"

Protect your home and protect your home as a human being, protect your home, close the windows with the wood and prevent the zombies from entering the house. Zombies are very crowded; They're the only one you're in! You must be fast and resourceful! Come on, Hurry!


* The basic weapon in the game is the ax. With the ax, you can kill the zombies closely and close the windows with the board to prevent the zombies from entering the base.

* Choose the weapons, characters and episodes as much as the money starts.

* In-game gold with the character you get, faster than the free character.

* In-game gold with the map you get, the map is larger and more difficult than the first map.

* Play the game, kill the zombies and earn money! So you can buy new weapons, new characters and new chapters.

* Zombies are very crowded and you are the only one; For this you need to keep the windows closed with the board, get good weapons, be a fast and good shooter.

* The number of zombies in the game is directly proportional to the level system and as the level increases the zombies will be more crowded, Be Careful!

* Many users to benefit from the game; We've integrated a low-to-medium-high image quality feature and now our game can be played on many devices.

* Our game is a very different zombie game from the world and is more realistic.

* In our game there is a table of leaders and the zombies are the most surviving and surviving at the top.

* There are achievements in our game and you will gain experience in google play and level up when you are finished;
-AXE KILLER ----- Kill 50 zombies with ax .------ 17.500 XP
-NEW CHAPTER -------- Open second map.
-FIRST MEETING ------ Open second character.
-FIRST RIFLE -------- Take your first rifle.------- 5,000 XP
-FIRST PISTOL ---------- Take the Desert Eagle .------- 5,000 XP
-FIRST BLOOD ----------- Kill the first zombie .------ 5.000 XP
-SHOOTER ------------ Kill 50 Zombies .-------- 7.500 XP
-AMAZING WARRIOR -------- Kill 250 zombies.
-SERIAL KILLER ---------- Kill 500 zombies .-------- 12.500 XP
-UNSTOPPABLE KILLER --------- Kill 1000 zombies .------- 15,000 XP
-AMAZING KILLER --------- Kill 1000 zombies .---------- 17.500 XP

What are you waiting for? You have realistic graphics, spectacular interface and extremely enjoyable Zombie Hunter: Life and Death game and install the zombies!

What's New

-Oyundaki hatalar düzeltildi.
-Karakterler daha hızlı hareket edebilecek.
-Kurşunların ulaşma mesafesi arttırıldı.
-Liderler tablosu eklendi.
-Başarılar eklendi.

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