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Zombie Hunter Dead Target Shooting King 3D APK

Dead zombies apocalypse will trigger a disaster, unlock the door to escape.

Version1.03 (4)
UpdatedSep 28, 2019 (2 years ago)
DeveloperkenSoft Game Studio
CategoryGames, Arcade

Gosh, Undead apocalypse are killing and destroying the city. These killer and giant creatures are crawling, scrambling and attacking from all sides. The whole world is the prey of these walkers.
Undead are rising in the whole world due a virus infection, they are scare, and getting hungry and attacking human or resident to fill their blood thirst. This evil plague is increasing and more zombies are rising.
The human will die, our our city is also will die, this will trigger a ginat damage for our earth.
The fist thing to do is finding the target ,aim at the target, and target the enemy squad and go for the headshot! Survive at any cost in this shooting FPS battle!
Extreme sniper commander it’s time to open anti zombie frontier. Takeout your sniper, assault rifles and other lethal weapons to combat and strike down zombies in the city streets.
You need to evacuate survivals and sweep the city from zombies to secure the human or resident race from this doom.

Act as a military shooter, chase and strike the zombies targets to smash and crush them. You required extreme shooting and Special Forces skills to kill these undead.
This full on adventure and FPS game is consists of multiple army operations to sweep the city from zombie attack. Shoot from hiding like assassin and clear the area in time as per contract and rescue humans.
In this zombies combat you need to fight in church, grave yards, cars, old house and highways. These killers are worst than terrorists so show no mercy and shoot the undead flesh.
Top gunner smash and takedown all stupid zombies and be a super hero and world savior.Just like a story described in a thriller.

Defend against different types of zombies target with your weapons, then earn cash to buy yourself better equipment and weapons, choosing from modern weapons like the M1911, MP5 and AK-47.
Although you are a tiro, you have to kill, shoot your enemies with an MP5, AK47, Desert Eagle, FN SCAR, HK 416 or a powerful grenade or bomb and many more shotguns and rifles!
Encounter zombie apocalypse in a variety of modern spaces like the Metro Station, as they walk, run, and crawl towards you. Enjoy the three challenge modes and try to challenge the every hard doom survival mode.
For the undead zombie apocalypse, some are stationary, some are walking towards to you, some walk fast, some walk slow. You have to take different strategy, use different rule.
You even can ignite the wood with a band of hay to burn the target to dead or use stones to give them a big bang.
Do not be stupid to have a dat with these zombies, you have to kill them first,take a dead zombie overkill and have a marvelous combat experience with these undead target.

These dead zombies apocalypse will trigger a giant disaster, we have to stop it as soon as quickly and unlock the door to escape from this bloody doom.

Zombie Hunter Dead Target Shooting King 3D Features:

- Action game.
- Realistic first person shooter game.
- Realistic & Awesome physics.
- Nice Graphics
- Accurate 3D sniper rifle.
- Zombie Assault
- Kills counter.
- Amazing & special Blood effects.
- Realistic & HD graphic.

What's New

-fix bug


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