Welcome to the last day on earth, the zombie apocalypse!


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Aug 11, 2023
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Zombie Hunter:Invasion GAME

Welcome to the last day on earth, the zombie apocalypse!
Six months have passed since the virus infected the city. The outbreak of the virus wiped out almost the entire human race, leaving only a wasteland of death,
And the only thing we can do now is to survive in the cruel world. Together with other survivors, you will fight for survival.

powerful weapon system
Rifles, machine guns, gatlings, sniper rifles, shotguns, pistols, and even high-tech weapons!

Various Gameplay
Shoot from the heights of the turret, fight head-on with bayonets, or bomb with drones, adjust your strategy to eliminate different groups of zombies!

Multiple immersive environments
Explore different locations and complete challenges and quests unique to each location!

challenge stronger enemies
Zombies are constantly mutating and becoming stronger and stronger. You need to race against time to find and eliminate them!

How long can you survive in a world without any safe place?
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