Zombie Onslaught APK

Zombies are storming the city. Hold the line...

Version0.2.2 (19)
UpdatedFeb 01, 2020 (10 months ago)
CategoryGames, Action

Zombies have invaded the city. Many lives have been lost but there is still hope to save others.

GI Joe and some brave soldiers volunteered to keep the zombies at bay for as long as possible.

The zombies only attack at night, use the daytime to purchase items and build defenses.

> Mines: Light up the night with some land mines
> Obstacle: Not as resilient as sandbags but take less space
> Sandbags: Can soak quite some damage

> Pump Action: Glocks won't take you anywhere, pump action will
> Assault Rifle: Lacks the punch of a pump action, but just keeps firing
> Sniper: Slowest rate of fire, but packs a punch and pierces through enemies

> Molotov: Why settle for regular 'nades?
> Copter: When the joes can't keep up, get a copter to help
> Air Strike: Clear the road with an air strike

Compete with other players for top rankings on the leaderboard.

Feedback and suggestions welcome

Discord server: https://discord.gg/3xYzwun

What's New

- Copter movement smoother
- Slightly dark overlay added to give night feel

Email: moussakhalil1990@gmail.com

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