Zombie Satellites APK

Launching your zombie satellites orbitting around your stars or planets

Version1.41 (12)
UpdatedAug 17, 2019 (1 year ago)
DeveloperGreat of Black
CategoryGames, Simulation


Select your choice of star system and lauch zombie satellites to your selected celestial bodies (star or planet). This game aims to be a fancy time-killer when you are waiting or commuting. Please be humourous and enjoy the pseudo-reallistical astrophysic simulation of the whole bunch of celestial bodies and your satellites.

You are looking at these stars/planets/moons with a powerful space telescope equipped with offseting controls in three-dimensions. The satellite orbits are animated pseudo-reallistically together with the orbiting planets (if any) and moons (if any). Your selected satellites are placed on to random orbits around your selected celestial bodies. The number of satellites is unlimited, until your device slows down or resource limits. So play responsibly to your device!

Because everything is running on your mobile device in real time, there are plenty of simplifications and constraints applied to the mathematics
a) all orbits are bounded to be stable (cicular or elliptic).
b) motion along the elliptic orbit is linearly approximated and bounded.
c) only two-body systems are considered between the children (e.g. planets) and parent (e.g. star); similarly between satellites and planet/star.
d) interaction between children (planets to planets, satellites to satellites) are ignored; interarction with non-parent stars/planets (if any) are also ignored.
e) mass and density are not apparent as you see, the same type of satellite may have significantly different masses across different launches (this is introduced intentionally such that the same type of satellite can take up any orbits on any parent star/planet.
f) only the dimensional parameters of celestial objects are used, the physical constants are scaled to enable simulating on a mobile device and with enjoyable graphics and animations.
g) when forming new star system, planets are brought from distance to orbit around the host star; hence it costs more energy for bringing to a nearer orbit than a far away orbit, this is in contrary to launching satellite where the satellite is originally with the star/planet
h)however, currently no energy cost for launching satellites, just enjoy launching as many as you want; may be this energy budget will be counted in other modes in the future.

1) All characters, graphics, sound effects, background music, game play, stories, etc are created/composed by Great of Black; all relevent rights are reserved.
2) This game is developed using Unity, Android development kits, Microsoft Visual Studio Community and many other tools. The trademarks belong to their respective owners.
3) Venus and Earth images are obtained online from NASA; moon images are Chang'E 2 and Clementine images obtained online from CLEP and NRL; Mars images are Viking images obtained online from NASA; Jupiter and Saturn images are Hubble and Voyager images obtained online from NASA.

Great of Black

What's New

1. Build using Unity 2019.4.11f1.
2. Fix display issue of information and date-time on screen shot if not menu invoked before.
3. Update Ads system; remove Google Ads.

Email: greatofblack@gmail.com

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