Fight the dead, fear the living.

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Free download Zombie War: Apocalypse 1.10.0 apk game latest version for android


The biochemical virus has spread everywhere, and zombies have taken over the city. The virus is wreaking havoc like a supernatural evil, with the zombies running wild. The myth of hell has become a reality. In the battle of life and death, the common people in doomsday have been looking for a hero.

A wave of zombies is coming! What are you going to do? Give up in despair and wait to die or…Wipe out the zombies, make a shelter, recruit survivors, keep out your enemies, and fight to survive!

This is what you need to know to survive in a world full of zombies…
[Thrilling fights] You need to fight battle after battle to defend against all the zombie attacks and search more areas.
[Cultivate survivors] You need to look for powerful survivors, increase their experience level, give them equipment, and awaken them!
[Modules] Take advantage of the modules to upgrade the abilities of survivors. Complete a mod set to prepare them for all the mutated zombies!
[Survival Handbook] Build a shelter. Search for larger amounts of water and food. Do research. Continue to survive in the shelter!
[Explore and Solve puzzles] Explore the all the areas for clues, rescue lost relatives and figure out the truth about doomsday!
[Compete for resources] Fight other players for the limited amount of resources.

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Zombie War: Apocalypse 1.10.0

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1.10.0 (1100000) 2018-03-30