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Dec 11, 2022

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100 doors World Of History GAME

We would like to introduce challenging logic puzzle games "100 doors World Of History - Puzzle.".
It is one of the best games of the genre, the game of 100 Doors, 100 Floors or Escape room category
In addition to interesting levels, the game creators have designed beautiful graphics – you will enjoy the adventure to different countries. You will discover Ancient Egypt, China, Japan, France, whole Europe and Medieval world.
Beautiful music and nice graphics will plunge you into the historical times and cheer you up. Expand your mind completing logic tasks and gripping quests. Playing you can relax and have a great and useful time!
So how does the game work?
Your task is simple – find the way out in any situation!
Open the door no matter how much effort it takes! In "100 doors World Of History - Puzzle" game you need to crack a password, find the solution to a problem or figure out how a complicated vehicle works. So the main purpose of the game is to unlock the door to get out of the room and reach the next floor! To complete the task you need to find hidden objects on the stage or to look for hidden clues, or shake the gadget to make something fall down, or move your gadget carefully – anyway you need to use your brain to solve a logic task.
In some cases you need to solve a classical task known for a long time, for example tic-tac-toe, the Lucas Tower, matches puzzle, chess puzzle or getting a certain amount of water with two reservoirs. As you can assume your brain, attention, wit and agility will not remain idle.

There are lots of interesting tasks and this game is called the game collection not for nothing. It really contains more 100 unique levels – more then 100 gripping logic games (mini-games).
Do not worry if you fail to complete some difficult level or quest and all the other levels will remain inaccessible as YOU CAN SKIP ANY LEVEL and get back to it later! Or if you really want to find out how to solve the task we are here to help you!
You don’t have Wi-Fi? It is not a problem as it is an offline game! All levels "100 doors World Of History. Puzzle." can be played offline, without the Internet.

Who is this game for?

Family puzzle games collected in this fascinating game are interesting to be played by your family or by the good company of friends. Everyone will try to be the first who completes the task. You are guaranteed to get a good competition and good mood all rolled into one.
This game is for any age group; even your grandparents will enjoy playing the game leaving aside their crosswords!
Download the game and see for yourself!

The game contains gripping puzzles!
Interesting quests.
Beautiful graphics!
Hidden Objects game elements!
The game has more than 100 levels.
Skip difficult levels for FREE!
The game is FREE!
All the 100 levels of the game offline!
Game tutorial.
The small size of the game: there are more 100 doors and more then 100 levels in the game of 28 MB size.
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