Cute and funny! Care for your very own pet Hamster and show your friends!


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Jun 21, 2016
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AfroHamster Game

Cute and funny!
Care for your very own pet Hamster and show your friends!
Help your hamster grow in to a multitude of hilarious evolutions!
More addictive that mail, chat, or forums! Kill your free time with this free collection game!

Harvest seeds from the field in one big swipe!
Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop! It feels so good!
Your hamster loves to eat lots of food! Can you satisfy its hunger?

Fantastic Evolutions!
Afros, a Geisha girl, a Pop Star, and more…
Familiar hair styles and motifs abound! There are so many different looks!

Complete your collection!
There are 20 Hamsters in all. How many can you get?
Change the items in the Hamster's cage to change its appearance!

Take care of your Hamster each day!
Don't leave your Hamster for too long; the poor thing will get hungry.
Sometimes you'll need to clean the cage; look after your Hamster well!

Simple game system!
Not that good at action games? Don't worry; this game is so easy to pick up!
Great for kids and adults of all ages; the healing feeling of looking after a virtual Hamster is simple for anyone!
So take a break from your busy life with this free to play time killing light app!
Great for just before bed! Want to say goodnight to your Hamster? It only takes a few seconds to keep it happy!
Take a few moments of rest before you board the bus or train, say hello to your little pet!

☆ How to play
1. Your Hamster eats Sunflower Seeds!
Head over to the field and pick the flowers by swiping your finger across the screen.
If you use Flower Food, Sunflowers will grow more quickly.

2. Feed your Hamster!
Head back to the cage; the seeds are sitting in the cage ready to be eaten.
Touch the seeds and your Hamster will eat them! So cute!
As your Hamster eats the seeds it will begin to level up.

3. Change the items in the cage!
You can purchase new items from the shop using Pet Points!
Get pet points for feeding your Hamster!
Change around the items in the cage, feed your hamster, and eventually…?!

4. Your Hamster will evolve!
When you have the right combination of items in the cage your Hamster will evolve into a new Hamster!
There are lots of funny and surreal evolutions! Try to find them all!

Filling the gap on the way to school or work,
Want to have your own pet but can't? Why not keep a Hamster!
For people wanting the relaxation gained from owning a pet,
Especially if you love afros!
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