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Apr 19, 2024

Ancient Treasure GAME

When you wake up, you become a panda person. In this mysterious and challenging forest, with powerful strength and wisdom, you decide to step forward, defend the peace of the forest, embark on a journey full of adventure and challenges, traverse the depths of the forest, and search for treasures and secrets that can enhance your strength.

[ What was dug out? I don't know either ❓ ]
In the depths of this mysterious forest, every excavation you make may be an adventure, a bright and shining gem? Or is it a artifact that has been lost for a long time? At the moment the teleportation gate appears, your heart also beats with it. Because you never know what earth shattering treasure will be dug up in the next second!

[ The seal of the Demon King is loose 🪢 ]
The demon king was once the most terrifying ruler on this land. However, as time passed, the power of the demon king's seal gradually weakened. As a savior, when you finally defeat the demon king and reseal it, the entire forest will cheer for you, and endless treasures, precious props, and ancient relics will become your bag.

[ Leisure gameplay, fishing and monster hunting] 🐟 ]
Here, you can choose a leisurely and leisurely gameplay style, where fighting monsters is no longer a boring task. Those monsters that you easily defeat will drop various precious items and treasures, easily enriching your backpack.

[ Gather! The magic dragon is here 🐲 ]
The power of the demon dragon is so powerful that it is suffocating, and it is impossible to compete with it alone. But you're not fighting alone! Build an invincible army with your brothers and join players from all over the world to fight against the demon dragon. When the demon dragon finally falls, you will become heroes on this land and be praised by the world.

This vertical screen cultivation type game "Ancient Treasure" has emerged. What are you waiting for? Download "Ancient Treasure" now, and together with the Pandaren, fight off monsters, defeat the Demon King, and protect the treasure and peace of the forest!
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