Instander is an Instagram MOD that provides extra features to the official social network application, such as the ability to download images and stories


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Many users miss certain features in the official Instagram application, one of the world's leading social networks. That's why some developers have started to offer them through the so-called MODs. One example can be found in Instander.

Much more than downloading images and stories

Yes, this is the main feature that we get with this app and it's one of the most demanded by users: being able to download photos and stories from friends and from the profiles you follow. You can do it easily, with the button on the right side of each image or video.

But the MOD options menu also gives access to other configuration functions that go beyond downloading content published on the social network. These are in fact the main features that we get:

  • Download photos, videos, and stories.
  • Watch stories in incognito mode.
  • Hide stories you have already seen.
  • Prevent messages sent to you from appearing as read to the sender when you open them.
  • Upload stories with higher graphic quality.
  • Get your profile verified.
  • Disable data analysis.
  • Block ads.
  • Disable automatic video and story playback.
  • Choose where to download the files to.
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